Sectional felling

Where a tree that is being removed is close to things that are easily damaged such as greenhouses, sheds or even the house. Specialist dismantling techniques and equipment are use to effectively lower each section in a safe and controlled manner.

Crown raising

Sometimes the lower branches of a tree are encroaching on a neighbors property or blocking a view, these branches are removed to “lift” the crown.

Crown thinning

It speaks for itself but selective branches are removed from the crown to allow in more light and for the wind to pass through the crown reducing the chance of damage in high winds.

Crown reduction

Using specialist pruning techniques to remove certain branches to reduce the overall size of the crown.


They seem to be everywhere and if looked after and maintained can provide a good screen from a noisy road or privacy in a garden but will soon get out of hand if left untended. At BTC we specialise in the removal, reduction or trimming of all types of conifers.


Hedges have a great place in our gardens providing us with security, privacy and screening from roads or the ever expanding building work. We maintain all types of the hedge at BTC or we can reduce the height and width to more manageable dimensions.

General garden work

We also maintain all your shrubs and borders to keep your garden from getting out of hand.


At BTC we take on small to medium sized landscape work including fencing, pathways, steps or slabbing.